Marco Fantin

Marco Fantin is Assistant Professor at University of Padova, Italy 

Research Activities

Controlled radical polymerizations

Controlled radical Polymerizations are the tool of choice to build advanced functional materials for all technological applications (biomedical, electronics, elastomers etc.). We develop new electrochemical methods to perform controlled radical polymerizations in solution and on surfaces.

Photo - Electrocatalysis

We combine photon and electrons in the same reaction to increase the activity and selectivity of photocatalysts, reaching unprecedented levels of control and reactivity over polymerization reactions and organic transformations.

Recent Publications

Simple Iron Halides Enable Electrochemically Mediated ATRP in Nonpolar Media
- ACS Macro Lett. 2023, 12, XXX, 1602–1607
Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: A Mechanistic Perspective
- Jacs, 2022, 144, 34, 15413–15430 (front cover)
Atom transfer radical polymerization in dispersed media with low-ppm catalyst loading
- Polymer Volume 275, 9 May 2023, 125913

Open Positions

(Assegni di Ricerca)

We will have some openings in the next months.

For info please contact marco.fantin (at)

PhD Students

PhD Students can apply through the UniPd webiste here. We offer support for preparing the PhD application. 

Please contact

marco.fantin (at) unipd .it

Master and Undergrad Students
(Tesi magistrali e triennali)

We currently have a few open positions for master and undergrad students. Please contact Marco Fantin at:

marco.fantin (at) unipd .it

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