Team and Students

The team currently working in our lab: Advised and co-advised students and postdocs.

Electrocatalysis and Applied Electrochemistry Group

Fantin’s team is part of the Electrocatalysis and Applied Electrochemistry Group at Unipd.

Marco Fantin

assistant professor - Rtdb

Marco Fantin is a researcher at University of Padova.

Andrea Antonello

phd student

Andrea is developing devices to make polymer brushes on surfaces on the flick of a switch. Andrea is co-advised with Prof. Isse.

Giovanni Lissandrini

Scholarship holder

Giovanni is developing approaches for electrochemical RAFT polymerizaiton without transition metal catalysts. Giovanni is co-advised with Prof. A. Isse.

Elena Cortese

master student

Elena is a Double Degree Student (UniPD-University of Giessen). She is working on merging one photon and one electron in the same redox cycle to create extremely potent reductants.

Sebastiano Darè

master student

Sebastiano is studying catalysis in molecular cages. Sebastiano is co-advised with prof. Zonta.

Tobia Casadei

master student

Tobia is applying light and electricity to develop new polymerization reactions.

Edoardo Bigolin

master student

Edoardo is using electrochemical methods to study extreme photooxidants..

Academic Supervision

SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY and technology FOR THE circular economy

Costanza Scano

Master student

During her internship at Fondazione ECCO, Costanza will contribute to decarbonization policies in the industrial sector, to promote environmental sustainability and influence decision-making.

Nadhifa Raihanah

Master student

At the Fraunhofer Institute, Nadhifa will focus on analyzing potential impacts of raw material supply constraints on Germany’s energy transition.

Past Members

Elia Calore, currently Master Student (Chemical Engineering) at University of Padova

Selma Ibnoussina, currently Bachelor Student (Chemical Engineering) at University of Padova

Felix Schnaubelt, currently Master Student at Giessen Justus Liebig University (Richter Group)

Eugenio Almacolle, currently Master Student at University of Trieste

Gianluca Gazzola, currently phD candidate at Macromolecular and organic chemistry group, Unipd

Khidong Kim, currently PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, Matyjaszewski Group

Mattia Brocchini, currently at Fiamm

Alberto Piccoli, currently PhD canditate at CIRe group, Université Grenoble Alpes

Alessandro Altinier, currently PhD Candidate in Zonta’s Group, UniPD

Alessandro Zampieri, currently Allenatore @ G.S. Montecchio S Pietro

Luca Fontanella, currently at Arpa Piemonte

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